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Finding the Right Assisted Living Facility

Seniors and their families can be easily overwhelmed when choosing an assisted living community. There are many options, for one, and the quality they provide can vary wildly. Thus, it is important to review all factors involved, if only to ensure the future resident’s comfort and satisfaction.

Before you pick an assisted living community for someone dear to you, take the following into account:

Devoted and Consisted Staff

When researching information about an assisted living community, find out about their staff turnover – it should be low. Always remember that quality care can only come from a solid relationship between the seniors and the people who care for them. When the facility’s staff keep changing, there will be less chances for both sides to develop great rapport, which could otherwise allow for a deeper understanding of the residents’ needs.

Fewer Hospital Trips

You should also look into the frequency of hospitalizations and readmissions of the residents in the facility you’re eyeing. When hospital visits are done repeatedly, the seniors’ emotional and even physical well-being can suffer. Aside from controlling the risk of infections and other health issues, fewer hospital visits also mean less miscommunication about residents’ health status between the facility and the hospital.

Use of Antipsychotics

Antipsychotics or drugs used to manage conditions of psychosis, such as hallucinations. People dealing with dementia may be prescribed antipsychotics to modify specific behavior, although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not approve of the practice. Assisted living communities that do this have drastically reduced in number, but it’s always safe to ask about this when touring a facility. If your loved one is showing signs of dementia or has been diagnosed by a doctor, find out if the facility’s staff have the proper training to respond to challenging scenarios.

Satisfaction of Seniors

Before selecting a particular assisted living facility, take time to talk to a few present and previous residents and their families have to say about the community. You can also go over some online reviews as well as ratings (but choose your sources!). This will help you decide wisely as you pick an assisted living facility that will be the best for your loved one and their needs.

When you tour a community, talk to the residents directly and ask them how they find the place and the quality of care they receive. You can also look for obvious signs. Do the residents look happy and well-groomed? After all, there is no more accurate information about an assisted living home than what you can actually hear and see.

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